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Dream Christmas: Need Christmas miracle or to just get to say what's on my mind without being judged. All I

Luvmmjt started this conversation
Need Christmas miracle or to just get to say what's on my mind without being judged. All I want for Christmas is for my children to not be disappointed Christmas Day when there's nothing to open. I know there going to say it don't matter, it's ok mom, we understand... But I know it's not ok I think it's wonderful all the different organizations that help give Christmas to the needy under 14. I have even made sure to provide a Christmas to a few needy families myself. But why is it that just because your child turns 15 nobody thinks it matters to them. It does, it probably matters more to them because now they don't understand why nobody thinks they need a gift. I know what Christmas is about and so do my kids. It's about so much more than just presents. And I know that people say I should get a real job because I am just a waitress who makes $2.13 an hour plus tips, I know it's my fault but that's all I know how to do. Also the only way I can afford to live and keep everybody fed. I just wanted to share what's on my mind before my head explodes. I don't think I have anything unfairly. I have it a lot better than when I was growing up. And I know one day the they will all have a Christmas that I'm sure they dream of. They know what goes around comes around and they have hearts of gold. We have always helped anybody who has needed it even if it was the last cent or letting a stranger with no place to go sleep in our home. So there's no doubt in my mind that they will get that Christmas. Karma is real. Thanks for listening
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woman in a shoe
Hi i don't care where u work at. But u did say that all the kind of work u know how to do. Maybe i can help u where u can make better money if u want to do it. It is to go to school for 2 to 4 weeks and come a nurse aide. And u can check with the red cross most of them have this course. U can also go to school part time to learn how to do hair. But if u got a Bible read it and pray for God to help u and he will.
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SnowGirl   in reply to Luvmmjt
Just replied to you.... Open your one-to-one again and click on 'new posts' to open my latest message!
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Luvmmjt   in reply to SnowGirl
I think I replied to you but I can't tell if I did it right
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I just sent you a message under the one-to-one. (Private message) ☺
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